Become A Dealer

To start the process of becoming a registered Dealer with Ellett Brothers or Jerry's Sport Center, please complete our application from the link below: Hunting

For further assistance with completing the application process contact 800-845-3711 ext 2452.

(Completing the application does not guarantee an account will be opened.)



1. I have a Jerry’s Sport Center account. Does that mean I have an Ellett Brothers account as well?
a. No. Having a Jerry’s account does not mean that you have an Ellett Brothers account.

2. Can I apply for an Ellett Brothers account if I have a Jerry’s Sport Center account?
a. No. As of April 1st 2015, we will no longer grant Ellett Brothers accounts to existing Jerry’s dealers.

3. What if I do not have a FFL or SOT tax stamp?
a. We do not require dealers to have an FFL or SOT tax stamp to be approved for an account

4. What if I do not have a retail storefront?
a. Our policy is that all of our dealers must have, and maintain, a brick and mortar retail store.

5. What if my store is in my house?
a. We do not sell to any dealers conducting business out of their residence.

6. What if my business is online?
a. We do not sell to anyone whose sole business is online.

7. What if my store is new and I do not have inventory?
a. We understand that new businesses may not be able to supply inventory pictures. We will accept interior pictures of your store as long as your display cases, counters and racks are in place. An opening order may be required.

8. Will I need an opening order and how much will it be?
a. An opening order may be required. The decision will be made at the time we receive your new dealer application. The maximum opening order will be no more than $2500.

9. I do not want a line of credit. Why do I have to complete a credit application?
a. United Sporting Companies requires all new dealers to complete a credit application regardless of chosen payment terms.